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ECO Surveys are the UK’s unmatched experts in Advanced Thermal Imaging, Building Investigations & Non Destructive Testing (NDT) services. Using our unique combination of Cutting Edge Test Equipment, Advanced Inspection Techniques and Highly Skilled Technicians we are able to identify a host of unseen problems that regularly occur in all types of Buildings, Electrical & Mechanical Systems, Construction Materials, Site Excavations and Oil & Gas Facilities. Our use of Thermal Imaging completely removes the guesswork from Traditional Investigations! All of our services use the principle of Non Destructive Testing which offers huge advantages over traditional methods - we don’t have to take things apart, so there’s no mess and no inconvenience - we just find the problems so you can fix them - FAST! Simply put, ECO SURVEYS can pinpoint the source of your problems, no matter how big or small the project, and help you to resolve them quickly, accurately and cost effectively.



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