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Hi and welcome to our site am a professional specialist in pest control. The rodent invasion problem is characteristic of all branches of the food industry, because rats and mice always go where they can live. Synanthropic rodents are omnivores. Every year they destroy more than 33 million tons of grain, willingly eat vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products. One rat absorbs up to 20 kg of food per year, and infects with excrement 10 times more food. For example, a meat processing plant can live up to 10 thousand rats. Each eats 30?40 g of food per day, that is, the family consumes more than 100 tons of meat per year. In monetary terms, this is a huge amount!Damage caused by pests is also indirect. A striking example is the Irkutsk dairy, where rats gnawed the insulation of a refrigerating chamber to get to food. Because of this sabotage, electricity costs rose significantly, not to mention the fact that ?gourmets? ate the best butter and cheese.Enterprises of the food industry, catering and trade in food products have a special epidemiological significance. And rats are carriers of more than 20 dangerous infections. That is why their living next to food is unacceptable, regular deratization measures are required. Nowadays poisonous baits are the only properly effective way to fight rodents. But with their use in food production there are some difficulties.First, poison and food are not the best neighborhood, so poison baits should be used only in baiting stations.Secondly, it is very difficult to choose a ?treat?, due to the abundance of food around. Attractants, attracting rodents, are used to enhance the attractiveness of the bait.Thirdly, rats and mice are returning, because at the food processing facilities warm and plenty of food is all they need for happiness! Disinfection should be carried out regularly: optimally 1 time per quarter, that is, 4 times a year.Preference should be given to such means from rats as bait and traps from reliable manufacturers, whose high quality and effectiveness are guaranteed.How to prevent the appearance and reproduction of rodentsThe first and most important rule is maintaining cleanliness. Without an adequate cleaning system, deratization measures will be meaningless, the rodent population will quickly recover.Cleaning at the end of the working day, hermetic packaging of products and their storage in properly decorated pantries and refrigerated cabinets is the key to success.You also need to worry about other security measures:use structures for tightly closing doors;timely repair cracks in floors and walls;cover the ventilation and other communication openings with metal grilles;cover it with cement or process with building foam the places where the hoses of air conditioners exit;to keep reusable tare on podtovarnik or racks, unused - to remove from the premises;make daily cleaning of garbage cans;sheathe the doors of the storerooms with metal sheets.Unfortunately, sometimes even in the premises of the ideal content can not avoid the appearance of rodents. Then it is important to choose the right rodenticidal means and carry out destructive measures.



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